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Sarah Varley

Master Pedicurist

Sarah became a licensed manicurist in 2007 and expected to specialize in acrylic nails and never touch anyone's feet. Over 15 years later, she has never done acrylic nails professionally, and now, specializes in foot care.


Sarah was trained by a master pedicurist in 2008 when she first went to work at a salon. After learning about Footlogix products and the master pedicurist technique, she was impressed at what a difference a pedicure could make for someone. When the Master Pedicurist class came to the United States, in 2011, she immediately got her certification.


In the last few years, she has been focusing her business mostly on foot care services. Some of which include medical pedicures, ingrown toe nail correction and toe nail reconstruction. She loves to give her guests results, they can see and feel. Sarah also taught the manicuring course at LeBaron Beauty Academy from 2010-2012. 

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