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Pamela A Dufresne Jerome


I started cutting hair in 1984. It’s been an amazing journey! I have a family full of barbers.  I love what I do so much and have wonderful memories of being a little girl in the barbershop with my Dad and my Pepe. 

I’ve owned 2 salons and have no regrets! I’m thankful for the teachers I’ve had along the way. I can never thank you enough and I won’t ever forget you. I love my job and being with people. It’s such a great profession. My love for people and this industry will never die.


Thanks to all my wonderful, loyal clients who've become friends and even family! My faith and my passion have led me to where I am right now, and I’m grateful beyond for more beautiful roads and paths to experience! Looking forward to once again another experience full of FUN.


Thank you, Lisa, for introducing me to the Salon En Vogue team! 


Faith, Love, Peace

Stylin’ With Pamela 

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