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What the heck is a Paraben, anyway?

So number one; what are parabens?

Paraben: any group of compounds used as preservatives in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and in the food industry.

And now - why are they bad?

Parabens have been proven to be endocrine-disrupting chemicals that are linked to breast cancer.

Now - what on Earth does that mean?

Your endocrine system involves all the glands in your body that make hormones, the most commonly known hormone being estrogen. Parabens can actually mimic hormones while destroying others. Parabens are often used in hair care products. This is not good.

Basically - parabens have the ability to really screw up your hormones and how your body feels physically and emotionally.

A scientific study done in 2012 showed that 99% of malignant breast cancer tumors contained 1-5 different types of parabens.

How to Avoid Parabens:

-Purchase professional organic salon products.

-Specifically, look for the botanical ingredients to be organic (grown without pesticides) or biodynamic-organic (a step above organic).

Lisa, our owner, has dedicated her career to safe haircare practices and providing her clients with the safest, most natural products that will benefit them the most. Here's a bit about our product lines that we carry at Salon En Vogue.

Eufora Hair Care

A tagline Eufora uses is "Beauty without Compromise". All the products are held to a high standard during the formulation process; utlizing Certified Organic Aloe and nearly 100 natural plant extracts and essential oils. Eufoa profocts are made up of 70% Aloe, no water and no fillers.


Loma uses the most organic and natural ingredients possible. Aloe Vera based, Loma promises quality and longevity with their products. They research and test each material to ensure they are as clean as they claim. There are no parabens, sulfates, gluten or Sodium Chloride in their products. They do absolutely no testing on animals.

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