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The Secret to Healthy Hair and Skin

The Secret to Healthy Hair and Skin

Healthy hair and skin are two of the most desired things in the world.

I mean you know when you see that shiny head of hair and smooth face we want to ask what do you use?

Why? Because we buy the products to take care of our hair and skin on the outside but maybe never thought about how to get results from the inside.

Yes...from the inside!!! We know we should drink plenty of water and not eat tons of processed foods that really do not bring our skin and hair the nutrients it requires to look and feel its best.

As much as we love all the trendy new beauty products here’s the deal drink plenty of water, eat nutrient dense foods, use the gel, take a multi vitamin and you should probably think about adding collagen to your day also.

Hormonal imbalance, strained adrenals and age also play a part in how our hair and skin maintain its smooth, healthy glow.

Nutrients You NEED for Healthy Hair:

B Vitamins: Go for kale or green leafy vegetable, strawberries, chicken and salmon are some of the best sources. Specifically they contain the type of B vitamins which are responsible for strengthening hair follicles and increasing circulation to the skin.

Biotin: Known for stimulating hair growth but I truly love high quality powdered grass fed or sustainably raised marine collagen.

Collagen: Taking collagen is associated with a number of health benefits. It is known to improve skin health by reducing wrinkles and dryness. It may also help with bone loss and some joint pain. It is imperative that you purchase grass fed or sustainably raised marine collagen powders for your safety.

Zinc, Selenium and Iron: You’ll find zinc in oysters, red meat, shellfish and legumes. Selenium is abundant in butter (we suggest grassfed butter always), garlic, whole grains and fish. And, iron you’ll find in dark greens, grass fed meat, sunflower seeds and even dark chocolate.

These minerals assist the body in repairing damaged hair and strengthening hair follicles. You need every strand you have, so eat foods rich in these minerals to keep your stylist in business.

Protein and omega 3s:

You’ll find protein in nuts, seeds,legumes, meat and fish. Focus on fish when it comes to hair because you want both protein and omega 3s also help your hair shine.

If you are Nutrient deficient it shows in your hair and skin not just your your attitude. Definitely time to think about a source of vitamins, super greens, alkalinity and electrolyte balance. Maintaining optimal levels of minerals and vitamins is so important to how your body operates and how you look and feel. Lisa has a special drink a few times per week to help maintain balance and have her body run at its peek. The drink also helps shed unwanted fat and we know during the holiday season that is so helpful for many. To try the drink risk free watch the quick video below and send Lisa a message or call the salon just mention you need more info on the drink.

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