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#SummerHairGoals with Mary-Kate

For me,summer is all about going lighter! It’s the time of year where the blondes get blonder and the brunettes get lighter.

My favorite summer trend, you ask? The balayage.

It doesn’t require the most upkeep and you get the perfect sunkissed look without being too obvious. It’s very soft, very subtle; which, if you know me personally or have sat in my chair, the fact I want my hair to be subtle in the summer is mildly ironic because subtlety is not my specialty.

Anyway, when done properly, the balayage is feathered up so you get a nice easy transition from your natural tone to a lighter shade – and because of the feathering, it doesn’t look so blocky when grown out and I can go longer between appointments.

For a hairstylist, I’m surprisingly low maintenance with my blonde, I am not the client who is going to sit in the chair for a partial every six weeks especially because I’m on a hair growth journey. But that’s okay! You just have to find what works for you. And the balayage is the perfect summer service for me.

Here are some of my favorite balyages I’ve done here at Salon En Vogue for my clients who are trying to get ready for the warm weather.

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