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Updated: Feb 6, 2019

We're here today to talk keratin treatments!

And after a brief Instagram poll, it's been brought to our attention that some people don't even know what a keratin treatment is so we're about to change that!

Keratin is a protein - your hair is made up of 95% keratin. A keratin service is essentially adding this protein back into the hair; filling the potholes in your hair strands, if you will. Keratin treatments can have a negative connotation because most products have a high dosage of formaldehyde , which can straighten and damage the hair.

The keratin products we use at Salon En Vogue are from Cezanne; they are 100% formaldyhyde-free. Now to break a bit of a stigma - keratins are NOT meant to straighten, they are a true smoothing treatment. This service is perfect for the client that has frizz they wish to tame and wants to cut way down on styling time.

Stylist, Haley Pereira has very thick hair and after the classic treatment, it is much more tamed and manageable.

This past Monday, we hosted a Cezanne educator in the salon to do a little hands-on learning. Three keratins were given to stylists, by stylists and we want to tell you all about it because the results are SLEEK! Let's get started so you can decide which keratin would be best for you!

Classic Smoothing Treatment

This service defrizzes and cuts back 33-50% of drying time. Clients don't have to wait to color, put their up or even get their hair wet after this service is performed. This works on all hair types and lasts up to FIVE MONTHS!

"It REALLY toned my hair. The product somehow blended my highlights with my natural. I'm amazed. I am sold." -Mary-Kate Dunphy, Salon En Vogue Stylist.

Ultimate Blonde Smoothing Treatment

The ultimate blonde has all of the benefits of a Classic treatment described above - but it's specifically designed for blondes. The product has the ability to tone brassy tones and soften blonde highlights in the hair.

Express Smoothing Treatment

The Express is great for use on all hair types. This treatment lasts up to 8 weeks.

Instant Smoothing Treatment

The Instant treatment is perfect for the client dipping their toes in the keratin pool. This service takes approximately 45 minutes, lasts up to 6 weeks and has a great price point.

Our stylist, Caitlin Chase told us it revamped her color and blended her line of demarcation from regrowth.

SO - call us at the salon and let us know which keratin smoothing treatment sounds right for you!

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