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I'm Getting Married Book What and When???

Okay so you figured out the perfect spot to have your special day. The music will be insane because you have the most amazing band and the food don't even get me started on how good this chef really is! Now that all of the guest will be excited with what you have done what about YOU???

Did you forget about yourself???

Haircut, color, blowouts, wedding hair trial run and the big day hair. Nails, toes, waxing and lashes Oh My. A few facials and of course a massage because you need to RELAX for an hour before all the craziness begins right...

January is the best month to book your upcoming appointments to ensure your dates are still available. We can't stress this part enough BOOK NOW so you don't forget!

First things first, book a hair appointment now so we can create a plan for what you want your hair like on your wedding day. Will it require color changes or lots of trims to grow to a certain style? Will it be super humid when you say "I DO"? If so you may want to book our safe keratin treatment to ensure smooth hair with no frizzies and a blowout the day before your wedding hair. We can also discuss your makeup options when you are here for this appointment.

Next you will want to book a few facials and be sure the last one is 2-3 weeks before the big day. If you want color or treatments in your hair that should be done 2-3 weeks before your wedding also. Your waxing or laser appointments will depend on your own hair growth but remember laser should be at least 1 month so the hair has time to purge and you look nice and smooth for your honeymoon.

I would say my last tip would be to whiten your teeth with some white strips and get those brows growing in nicely and have them professionally shaped throughout the year!

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