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Hair and Health at Salon En Vogue

As a business, we want to provide our guests with the healthiest, most beneficial products for their hair - but it goes even deeper than that at Salon En Vogue. It's not just a professional/guest relationship; on a more human level, we genuinely care about our guests and we want what is best for their overall health, not just their hair.

This is why we use the absolute greenest products we can find. Our owner, Lisa, has dedicated her career to investigating ingredients and putting together the products and color lines that will be as natural as possible.

From our essential oil infused air to our choice of organic product lines, we truly practice what we preach in terms of our natural, healthy environment.

This is more important than most people think. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body; and putting products onto your skin and scalp with harmful additives such as parabens can have consequences; even deathly ones. We strive to protect our guests hair but also their overall wellness with all the products and information we can provide.

Here's a little about the products and color lines we carry at Salon En Vogue.

Color lines

All Nutrient

This line supports the preservation of the planet's rainforests and ecosystems through managed harvesting of botanical oils and extracts. You'll notice many companies will disclose their ingredient list in tiny, barely readable print; not All Nutrient. These products do not only wear an organic name tag - they prove it, certify it and list their ingredients in bold letters.

Eufora Color

In 1997, a hair care company built on a foundation of innovation, integrity and care. Eufora understands people care about what goes in and on their bodies! Eufora products do not contain mineral oil, parabens, petrolatum or artificially created colorants. All of our fragrances are complex and naturally derived.

Product Lines


Loma uses the most organic and natural ingredients possible. Aloe Vera based, Loma promises quality and longevity with their products. They research and test each material to ensure they are as clean as they claim. There are no parabens, sulfates, gluten or Sodium Chloride in their products. They do absolutely no testing on animals.


A tagline Eufora uses is "Beauty without Compromise". All the products are held to a high standard during the formulation process; utilizing Certified Organic Aloe and nearly 100 natural plant extracts and essential oils. Eufoa products are made up of 70% Aloe, no water and no fillers.

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