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5 Ways to Create More Magic In Your Relationship

In light of Valentine’s Day being here I thought sharing some tips on not getting stuck in a rut with your partner and keeping the magic alive because when you feel great about yourself you will be able to accomplish so many wonderful levels in this life we are given to live...

1. Listen to each other more and don't complain constantly. Say nice things to each other everyone needs to hear how much you care for them and how excited you are to see them and do things together. This tends to get lost after the honeymoon phase is over and life kicks in…change this habit immediately and do nice things for each other.

2. Go away for a weekend just book something in a new place even one overnight get dressed up head out alone, stay in a hotel, get excited and send messages to each other about how excited you are and shut the phone off once you arrive.

Just enjoy each others company. You would be surprised how much of a recharge this can get both you and your partner.

3. If you can’t take a night away then make appetizers at home, shut the TV off, wear something cute, give each other massages and kiss for longer than 10 seconds. Learn to have fun again. Get your hair done, do your makeup and put on some date night clothes like when you first met!

4. Leave a love note somewhere for your partner. I have a friend who one time her car was filled with hidden sticky notes and she kept finding them all around she loved it. Guys like these things as well so don't think they are too manly they need to know how much you miss them and love them also.

5. Have boudoir photos taken and give them to your partner. Maybe a little too risqué for some but a very passionate and personal meaningful gift. As for the guys what can you do to show her your thinking of her…Maybe book something without her having to do it like a reservation at a restaurant or instead of waiting until Valentine’s Day bring her some flowers just randomly some other time. Do something spontaneous and both of you don't say your exhausted find the time your relationship is worth it.

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